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Wire Mesh Friction Dampers

Wire mesh can add friction damping to your application. Damping can be used to absorb energy, reduce vibration, or reduce shock.

Wire mesh has 3 times more damping than rubber and many times can be designed as a replacement for rubber.

Wire Mesh Engine Mounts

Wire mesh parts have been used in aircraft engine mounts for many years. Kinetic Structures holds FAA-PMA certification for wire mesh engine mounts used in MD-80, DC-9, and 757/767 aircraft.

Wire mesh washers are a new type of spring washer. They are quickly becoming recognized as an improvement over standard types of spring washers

Wire mesh is made of stainless steel and can be used to control thermal expansion at high or low temperatures.  It has a temperature range far exceeding any elastomer.

Wire Mesh Vibration Damper
Thermal Expansion

Kinetic Structures is a manufacturer of wire mesh vibration products for the aircraft, space, automotive, rail, motorcycle, off-road, and industrial markets.

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Wire Mesh Friction Dampers

Wire Mesh Vibration Dampers

Thermal Expansion

Wire Mesh Spring Washers

Wire Mesh Engine Mounts